Forget to blink when gaming? Try these glasses….

wink glasses

A Japanese company has created some new eyeglasses that are designed to make the wearer blink. This can be important for those of us who engage in heavy video game playing, as we sometimes forget to blink. With these ‘wink glasses’, the wearer is forced to blink. Every 5 seconds of non-blinking, the lenses fog up, forcing the wearer to blink in order to clear them up.

these can probably work well for gamers, but hopefully no one wears these when driving….that could be bad.

I’m a very casual video game player myself, but I can remember some moments of forgetting to blink….so these glasses are undoubtedly pretty helpful for people who play all hours of the day and night.

What do you think, are these glasses necessary? Cool? Dangerous? Leave a comment.

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