Michael Moore visits Akihabara, asks for germs

This is pretty amusing, no matter your opinion on acclaimed and criticized director Michael Moore. Japan Probe posted about his visit to the Akihabara district in Japan, in which he stomps around town usually amid a crowd of onlookers with cameras and cell phones at the ready. Shinichi Karube of Mezamashi TV gave Moore a tour around the district, and drew a crowd of onlookers eager to catch a glimpse of Moore (which honestly isn’t very difficult given his size). The results are pretty comical, as Moore asks one of them why he is wearing a mask (to protect him from germs) and calls one guy’s dad even though he doesn’t speak English.

I’m not quite certain why this visit happened or why it was taped for the news, but that hardly matters. It’s silly and amusing. I laughed.

Here’s part 1 of the broadcast:

Here’s part 2, where Moore visits the famous Maid Cafe of the Akihabara district.

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