Japanese BP Castrol machine kicks a soccer ball 125 MPH

Partly because of World Cup Fever and partly because they always make cool random gadgets, BP Castrol Japan recently unveiled an “engine-driven free kick machine”, which proceeded to kick a soccer ball 125 mph, shattering the speed that soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo kicks a ball (at a reported 80 mph).

Of course, this machine ISN’T NECESSARY at all, but it’s pretty awesome. BP Castrol is a sponsor of the World Cup, and thus this contraption will be a promotional item featured during the events surrounding the soccer tournament.

The manpower that went into creating this machine must have been great, as it’s a pretty incredible machine that serves no real useful purpose. Still, it’s pretty impressive, and from the looks of this video, kicks the ball pretty hard.

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Check out the article on cNet, that’s where I first came across this story.

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