Snack Review: Kit Kat Ginger Ale

I FINALLY am in the possession of two of those cool Kit Kat varieties that don’t exist here in the United States: Ginger Ale and Wasabi (whoa!) flavors….I just tried the Ginger Ale one. The Wasabi review will come soon.

It was DELICIOUS. Wow. I’m not the most avid fan of Ginger Ale in general, but this Kit Kat bar was really good. It has  this lemonish minty flavor to it that is just incredible. It also has a really appetizing smell to it, of the lemonish variety once again. I can’t say that Ginger Ale the Kit Kat candy tastes EXACTLY like Ginger Ale the beverage does, but it is at least reminiscent of the drink’s flavor.

I was a bit cautious when tearing open the package, as I’ve never had a Kit Kat bar that was anything other than..well, regular milk chocolate. This Ginger Ale version was really good though, and I’m immediately sad it doesn’t exist here in the States.

The box has the slogan “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” on it, a phrase I’m not familiar with. Upon a bit of research, that’s apparently the slogan used in Europe and other overseas countries to advertise the candy. Here in the US we’ve always had the “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar” phrase, which is a bit more wordy than what’s written on this box.

The box, coincidentally, is also a change from the packaging Kit Kat Bars have in this country, which is just a plastic wrapper basically. This box is a bit different, as you can see.

Doesn’t that look like normal white chocolate? Well, it’s not, it’s Ginger Ale.

Delicious. I want more now.

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  • Skittles Ferrari

    You should try cherry blossom Kit-Kats!!!!! They’re the best, but they’re only available right before hanami season. You actually might be able to find them now. I’ve also enjoyed mango Kit-Kat from Okinawa and matcha(green tea) Kit-Kats! I LOVE Japanese Kit-Kats! They’re so much more delicious than American ones!

  • amy

    congrats on your first japanese kitkat! omedetou!!
    that slogan ‘have a break have a kitkat’ is what kitkat (nestle i guess) uses in Australia too. i’m glad you enjoyed it, all the flavours are great but some are better than others!

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