This Japanese Aflac commercial is….different

Now, this video is a big culture shock for me. I’m used to the Aflac life insurance commercials featuring the duck walking around and either getting hurt or confusing adults, all with Gilbert Gottfried’s annoying voice doing the talking…so to see the duck dancing on a table with a cat and singing some song at at wedding is QUITE different:

Still, it’s amusing nonetheless, even if it’s substantially different from the Aflac commercials I’m used to seeing stateside.

Yet another nod to Japan Probe for initially posting this commercial.

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  • amy

    love it, so kawaii. (especially the heart shaped balloons.) i saw some Aflac ads when I was living in Japan and they all had that white duck in them. He must be their mascot. Maybe coz they think a duck’s ‘quack’ sounds like ‘aflac’ ?

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