New releases and more bands break up!


This week there is new stuff from e.g D, Megamasso, THE NOVEMBERS, Rice, KAN, YUKI, Bloodthirsty Butchers, L’Arc-en-Ciel, Ryohei, Megaromania and Phantasmagoria.


There are new DVD releases from Hiroshi Tamaki, Naoyuki Fujii, FUNKIST, MUCC and Xover.


I can also report of two more  bands taking a hiatus: Juliette and DI3SIRAE. DI3SIRAE claims it is due to one of the members family position and that they don’t want to replace him. About Juliette I haven’t found out any reasons…


Also there are new stuff available from CindyKate, THE NOVEMBERS, Royal Pirates, Kiryu, Para:noir, Otogadead, CELLT and Daizystripper as download here. But, these downloads are only for listening, and I truly hope that you buy the records if you like it. We gotta support the artists, you know. We’re not much without ’em.

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