Why The Kawai’i Ambassadors Are Awesome

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this, but, Japan has sent out a team of ambassadors abroad to generate interest in Japanese pop culture. And they’re called the Kawai’i Ambassadors. And they are awesome.

The Ambassadors consist of Aoki Misako, Kimura Yu, Fujioka Shizuka, three Japanese celebrities that represent different fashion styles, kind of like the Spice Girls. And in my opinion, it’s great, and is a pretty cool move for Kenjiro Monji, head of the Public Diplomacy Department, to be so hip to his country’s modern culture. He is getting bashed right now by a few politicians for sending girls to “prance around in miniskirts” in the name of his country, but I say ‘save it’. Jesus, they have the word ‘cute’ in their name! If more countries sent out cute ambassadors, I think our world would be getting along a lot better, so just save it. Some people right? Two thumbs up for the Kawai’i Ambassadors.


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