Ameba Pigg

My pigg…

Japanese social network site~ Ameba pigg~
If you have an ameba blog, you can create your pigg by going to your main page.
Or if you dont have one, go to It’s really easy! Even if you don’t speak Japanese. you can also go to for any questions!

It’s an interactive world very similar to Gaia Online. I’m still trying to figure out why they call it pigg though….
You can dress the pigg, talk to other piggs, make friends, and even have pets!

You start off with a basic heya[room] (choice of three), but you can get items to put in it. This is me building a second floor in my heya.

And this is an extension of amebo’s blogging site~
So of course it lets you take pictures to post directly to your blog!!

If any of you are following ameba blogs of your favorite artists, you can check to see if they have a pigg too!!
This is Neiji~ He’s is an official member for the band Samuraiball!

When you visit a room, be sure to ring their doorbell so they know their fans have said ‘Hi!’!!

And if you don’t speak Japanese, don’t be afraid to try to get a pigg. When you wander through the interactive worlds you will meet plenty of English speakers! I know have 27 friends on pigg, an only 1 doesn’t speak English~ And they come from all over the world!



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