Kit Kat cookie bars…deceptive, but yummy

Okay, when I saw this on the shelf next door when I was browsing for a midday snack, I figured the contents of the box were what was on the front.

I assumed this would be a cookie that was somehow Kit-Kat flavored…alas, I was bamboozled.

Instead of a cool Kit-Kat offshoot hybrid snack, the contents of this lively-colored box are…well, just basically Fun Size Kit-Kat bars.

That means, of course that they’re quite tasty, but not at all what I had expected them to be.

I suppose the language barrier wins again (as I’m sure the box says it’s exactly what it is, but I had to just base my assumption on the pictures).

look at all the melty

After some Internet browsing to see what other people say about it, these little cookie candy snack thingies DO have a bit of a ‘cookie’ taste to them, but it isn’t a whole lot different than what a normal Kit-Kat bar tastes like.

One thing of note, however, is that these little individually-wrapped things have a really simple tear-off handle that make opening easy. The contents of the wrappers, though, were VERY melty when I opened them, practically slipping out of my fingers.

Still, they’re delicious, of course, and at about a fourth of the size of a normal Kit-Kat bar.

Check ’em out if you see them on the shelf somewhere.

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