Jaded JRPG fans protest convention, predictability

This is a pretty smart ad campaign. As this article from the Escapist says, an ad campaign in Japan for the upcoming video game Fallout: New Vegas portrays some gamers expressing their outrage over the conventions and repetitiveness of most role playing games nowadays.

Some of the signs say things like the following:

Translated by Andriasang, one sign reads: “What’s the point of playing again if there’s no change to the story.” Another angrily asks: “When did games become something that you watch?”

I assume this is all intended to emphasize the originality and open-ness of Fallout: New Vegas, and that the game will be revolutionary and/or a far cry from the linear storylines that plague games like Final Fantasy (which this ad campaign is supposedly directly targeting).

I don’t play RPG’s, and am slightly familiar with Fallout, but this ad amuses me greatly. I hate it when movies/shows/games are conventional and adhere to a tried and played out formula, so I can relate with this mindset.

It’s the kind of advertising that I really like.

What do you think? If you’re a gamer and know about all this stuff, does this campaign amuse you? offend you? nothing?

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