Harajuku Fashion

I’ve been thinking of topics to write about and well a few people mentioned to cover the various fashion  styles that are popular in Japan. So I thought since it was suggested why not. The fist style I am writing about is “Harajuku”.

From what I can gather, Harujuku style is a collective of vaious fashion styles from the area around Harujuku train Station in Tokyo. The fashion which makes up the Harujuku style is always changing.

Thanks to people like Gwen Stephanie, Harajuku fashions are not just so called underground anymore… You can see more and more of the fashion influences all over the world.  If you are ever in the area, the best time to visit and see all the various styles in action is on the weekend especially on Sunday.

This is just a very brief description of the fashion, I’ll have more details on each individual styles of Harajuku in the next few entries.

~Till Next Time!

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  • stacie

    I looooove this style!! So fun!!

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