How to become a pop star in Japan, in 4 easy steps

Head over to this article at Asylum U.K. to read about Joshua Brown, a singer/songwriter/model who had a hard time finding fame and glory as a singer/model here in the United States. So, he packed up his stuff and moved to Japan, where he is now a successful and popular pop star named JAB.

He resembles a lanky Keanu Reeves, and sings songs in Japanese, a language he learned in high school.

The 4 Steps to becoming a Pop Star in Japan, as the article mentions, are as follows:

1. Don’t Learn Japanese.

Brown sings in Japanese, but recounts that his audience doesn’t really care if he speaks their language or sings in English, saying, “I thought I’d be famous within a week of stepping off the plane. That didn’t happen,” Brown says. “Music here is pretty formulaic. People like young boy bands who always do a little dance and sing poppy songs with random, meaningless English words thrown in.” Even haphazard English words are better than none.

2. Get a Day Job

3. Don’t Fear the Weird

4. Get Cozy with Yakuza

I left the other 3 without explanations so you can check them out for yourself. The article is a bit satirical, and I assume it’s meant to be written in a funny tone, so take what it says with a proverbial grain of salt.

I think it’s pretty interesting that a failed American pop star can move to Japan and create a successful career for himself…it says something about the cultures at play, and I think this article does a good job highlighting such an experience.

Here’s a clip of JAB on a Pop Idol-type show in Japan, so you can get an idea of what he’s all about:



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