Sushi made of tomatoes? This chef is trying something new

Aya Kakisawa, owner/head chef at Potager Bakery in Nakameguro, is turning heads for her creativity. Rather than make a puffy chocolate cake out of fattening sugars and other ingredients, Kakisawa instead opts to create visionary delicacies made out of leafy, more “healthy” alternatives.

Take, for example, the Green Shortcake: The colorful dessert has a green sponge cake infused with calcium-rich mustard-spinach (komatsuna) and mini red tomatoes replace the strawberries between moist layers.

But you’ll be surprised to find the tomato tang is softened by sugar and cream, and produces the same sweetening effect as sprinkling sugar on a grapefruit.

Baked goods such as the Green Shortcake are making the bakery quite popular; the article describes just how crowded it tends to get around lunchtime and peak hours of every day.

Kakisawa wanted to make a restaurant like this that could cater to those with more specific and limited dietary needs; namely vegetarians, who can have a hard time dining out in Japan:

“It seems like it would be much easier to be a vegetarian in a place like the U.S. over Japan where restaurants don’t understand our special needs. Even at these so-called ‘vegetable’ restaurants here, you’ll find they serve most of their dishes with bacon,” she laments.

Read more about Kakisawa and her bakery here.

The concept of sushi made out of vegetables is intriguing, as it’s more interesting than just a normal rice roll with cucumbers and carrots. The fact that it’s actually made out of vegetables makes it something that definitely sounds….different, and quite tasty.

I wish I was going to Japan sometime soon, so I could check this out.

It’s nice to see at least one chef trying to make it easier to be a vegetarian living in (or visiting) Japan.

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