California student learns her family is alive and safe in Japan via YouTube

This is another uplifting, hopeful story to come out in the week since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last Friday.

Akiko Kosaka, a Japanese student at the University of California at Riverside, had had no idea about the condition of her family.  They lived in Minamisanriku, a coastal fishing town feared to have lost half its population due to the effects of the tsunami.

Kosaka endlessly searched the internet and YouTube for videos showing her family’s home in Minamisanriku, but with no avail. When a friend in Japan sent her a message about a particular 45-second video that showed her family’s home safe and everyone alive, she was overcome with relief (understandably).

Kosaka's sister held up this message to CNN crews telling everyone that they were safe

As this article describes,

Kosaka watched the video over and over — she suggests that she’d seen it at least 50 times in 24 hours — and cried in joy and worry. She is still concerned about the health of her family members and wishing that she could get a message to them — just as they got one to her.

Kosaka sent a message to her family through a CNN crew, in hopes that they would somehow come into contact with the news network and get word from their daughter studying in California.

Click here to read the full article and watch the video that informed Kosaka of her family’s safety.

This is another hopeful story to come out in the aftermath of Japan’s situation, and hopefully more of these types of articles keep being published. The world could use the boost in morale and positivity that stories like this present.

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