These bean-shaped, dog-faced dolls are Japan’s new family of pets! Unlike many of the cute characters marketed to the loving public in japan, “Mameshiba” has become phenomenally successful.

What is Mamechiba? Is it a soy bean? Or is it a dog? It’s not exactly either. It’s very strange, but very cute, creature that has the body of a bean and the face of a dog. It’s called Mameshiba. They love to appear out of nowhere and offer random bits of trivia whether you asked for it or not. The Mameshiba family is made up of over 20 members, they have angelic faces and sweet voices, but the stories they tell will spoil any listener’s appetite… For instance, they might surprise you with a phrases such as this one: “You know what? When you kiss, 200 million bacteria are passed on from mouth to mouth each second.” Funny, right?

Check out some of the kawaii short clips of Mameshiba after the jump!

Wanna see more? Go to Mameshiba Official Fan Channel on youtube.


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