Wanna get crafty with kids?

Happy sunday folks! Let me introduce you to a candy making kit today! I found this kawaii item at Japanese market the other day and i had to buy it. I used to love these candy making kits when i was a little…. there were so many kinds you could get at stores in Japan. Definitely one of my favorite treats. if you wanna have a crafty snacktime with kids and friends, this is it!



The kit comes with cartoony cookie-cutter shapes, packets of colorful powder candy, and a little tray for all of the candy-making fun.  it’s super easy to use, and it only takes a minute to make yummy original candy.  Every little kid in Japan LOVES these candy-making kits.  And i’ve gotta admit, it’s just as fun now as it was when i was little! SO give it a try!




What’s hot in Japan now…. they have new flavors and menu for candy making kits!


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  1. stMishi says

    thanks for your blog’s information…

  2. france says

    Oh i want to try this! too bad i cant get them where i live 🙁

  3. Jasmine says

    i waz wondering how much it would cost for shipping from where in at

  4. Chelsea says

    How much is it for one?

  5. Chelsea says

    How much is for one?

  6. Chelsea says

    I love ur video

  7. easanne says

    Hi, im interested to buy all poppin cooking set? Is all still available ?
    Kindly reply.

  8. anita says

    hi i really want a Popin cookin bento or gummyland kit, is there still anymore and how much will it be?btw i LOVE POPIN COOKIN it looks so fun to make

  9. Anonymous says

    if you live in toronto or scarborough you can get them at pacific mall.

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