Wanna get crafty with kids?

Happy sunday folks! Let me introduce you to a candy making kit today! I found this kawaii item at Japanese market the other day and i had to buy it. I used to love these candy making kits when i was a little…. there were so many kinds you could get at stores in Japan. Definitely one of my favorite treats. if you wanna have a crafty snacktime with kids and friends, this is it!



The kit comes with cartoony cookie-cutter shapes, packets of colorful powder candy, and a little tray for all of the candy-making fun.  it’s super easy to use, and it only takes a minute to make yummy original candy.  Every little kid in Japan LOVES these candy-making kits.  And i’ve gotta admit, it’s just as fun now as it was when i was little! SO give it a try!




What’s hot in Japan now…. they have new flavors and menu for candy making kits!


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