Burst City: a Japanese punk rock film classic

Burst City (aka Bakuretsu Toshi) is a science fiction punk rock action film directed by Sogo Ishii. Released in 1982, the film has immortalized the spirit and attitude of the Japanese punk scene in the late 70s and the early 80s. The minimal plot, set in a dystopian future, follows the clash of two rival gangs made up of yakuza, musicians, punkers and groupies who rebel against the construction of a power plant in their part of Tokyo.

Burst City stars members of Japanese punk bands The Roosters, The Rockers, The Stalin and Inu, among others and includes live performances by the bands worked into the plot. The film is celebrated for its innovative high energy style fueled by the music, and for capturing the punk aesthetic of the time.

Check out the trailer and some scenes below:

Burst City trailer with subtitles:

Burst City opening sequence:

The Stalin vs The Rockers

In this scene The Rockers are performing on stage until The Stalin and their gang come to fight them. While the gangs fight, The Stalin perform their song “Saru (Monkey)”.



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