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There has been alot of speculation and bickering over the rather insignificant issue of whether Beyonce’s performance at the 2011 Billboard Awards took inspiration from, or down right copied the projector technology graphic display from Lorella Cuccarini’s 2010 performance at Sanremo.  These kind of arguments make me role my eyes, because few performances are completely unique and equivalents from other performers can easily be found in thousands of places.  The true pearl of this dispute is the rediscovery of the Japanese graphic artist Nobuyuki Hanabusa, who was the first to create this kind of artistic fusion technologically, design, and performance.  Here is his design for the original performance by “OrientaRhythm” in 2009: (More after the jump)

The uproar has apparently reached Hanabusa, because last month he posted a response in order to settle the issue.  He is quick to admit that this technique should not be considered off-limits ” Anyone can think of it, and the method does not have a copyright.” he states, adding ” I predicted some people would create their works with the technique and those rivals would give me very good inspiration.”

However, since there are clearly elements used directly in Cuccarini and Beyonce’s performances that are unaltered or show little original thought he adds sadly “to steal the (artist’s) work means to steal the creator’s life and identity.  I have no tolerance for someone bringing out the work with no efforts as if it were original.”

He’s does freelance commercial work for corporations and artists in Japan. Here are some images from his personal website

From an NHK “Onbato” opening sequence

Here are videos for the famed conceptual design group “Somarta”



A 3D Animation film “ISO”



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