Hideki Matsui approaching milestone for himself, Japan

Hideki Matsui, one of the biggest names in the history of Japanese baseball, is nearing a milestone.

Matsui, currently playing for the Oakland Athletics, has 499 career home runs, combining the 332 he compiled in his career in Japan and the 167 he has hit thus far in his Major League Baseball career.

When he hits #500, which is very likely considering the season isn’t even to its halfway point yet, he will become the only player in history to reach 500 home runs by combining totals in Japan and the US. 25 players have hit 500 home runs in the history of MLB, and only eight have reached that total in Japan.

It’s easy to say, then, that Matsui is on the brink of adding another chapter to his story as one of Japan’s most prominent names in baseball history.

Read more about Matsui’s quest for 500 home runs here.

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