Evangelion Eyeglasses Out On Sale in August

JINS, a Japanese eyeglass maker which has collaborated with One Piece and Asian Kung-Fu Generation is now collaborating with Evangelion! They are taking orders for advance sale at this moment and the glasses are on sale in August.

The glasses are designed for 5 characters, Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari, and Kaworu. There are 3 different colors for each person, total 15 different variations to choose from. Here are some samples. Which one do you like??



3 Responses to Evangelion Eyeglasses Out On Sale in August

  1. mell says:

    where can i pre-order a pair? =D

  2. Norie says:

    One of ways that you can buy is at the online store, but I’m not sure if they ship internationally. You can go to the store (it’s in Japanese…) http://www.evastore.jp/pc/index.php?toid=PC_ARTICLE&fromid=PC_STORE_TOP&article_id=8660 or email them customer@evastore.jp

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