the disappearing candy!

Snack review friday! YAY!


so everyone loves A fortune cookie after yummy thai or chinese meals, correct? how about a fortune candy? it’s a grape flavor! This Japanese fortune candy is called “kiechau candy” which is the disappearing candy!! I was so excited to try one out!

the candy itself is the monster shaped and purple color. { yummy grape taste! } Here’s a little trick for you. so after 1 or 2 mins of eating a candy, the color of the monster body will change. so the new color will tell you what’s your fortunes are! for example the one i had said, “what are you going to dream about tonight ? ” and my fortune candy told me “hanging out in the sky relaxing. ” haha this is so good right? there’re 4 colors other than purple, clear/yellow/green/white! there is one very special gold candy in per package.  if you are lucky to get one of these., your day will be so awesome. {that’s what it says on the package! } very cute and fun! i loved it!




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