The Golden Arches in Japan

I think a lot of you have heard about interesting menu items from friends who’ve traveled around. Well, here’s a full post about the Japanese Golden Arches!

The country that has birthed a ton of kawaii, kakkoii, and sugoi items, is also a huge fan of McDonald’s, so much so that they have the second most number of McDonald’s restaurants. Pretty insane considering the size of Japan. So what is so sugoi about Makku (short for McDonald’s) that makes them so popular? I guess one of the big differences is the atmosphere. The Japanese ones make you feel happy in a way with the colors of the interior and brighter lighting. Customer service is also probably another factor, and the “irasshaimase” certainly helps. Now to the more interesting part, the menu!


Breakfast menu items in Japan from left to right:

Filet-O-Fish, Marinated Salad Muffin, Makku Hot Dog Classic, Mega Muffin

We all know the Filet-O-Fish, but probably not as a breakfast menu item. And a hot dog?? In Japan, it’s actually quite common for people to eat them for breakfast and you can easily find hot dogs at bakeries, but they’re definitely not your average hot dog. If you don’t already know, there’s a thing for super portions in Japan. Hence, the mega series that allows you to start off your morning with the Mega Muffin. The others, Mega Mac, Mega Teriyaki, Mega Tamago, and Mega Tomato were only available for a limited time.

iCon’ Chicken California Cobb, iCon’ Chicken Salt & Lemon, Teriyaki Makku Burger, Ebi-Filet-O, Makku Pork, Bacon Lettuce Burger

The iCon’ (just a stylized version of the word icon. Sounds more like a new product from Apple haha) Chicken series was created by McDonald’s Japan’s to separate them from the other fast food restaurants by providing quality chicken sandwiches. They’ve put out several limited time iCon’ Chicken items like the California Cobb and it’s been quite a success. According to NPD Japan, McDonald’s sells the more chicken than any other restaurant thanks to this series.

Chicken side items:

Shaka Shaka Chicken Black Pepper, Cheese, iCon’ Chicken Snack

The Shaka Shaka (onomatopoeia for shake) Chicken comes with flavor packets that you then pour into your chicken bag and shake. Looks pretty good! Now I shall leave you with the very awkward iCon’ Chicken dance…

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