Naoshima, the peaceful island of art museums

Nahoshima, described as a colorful, small island in the Seto Island Sea off the coast of the Kagawa Prefecture, seems like a pretty good place to go on vacation if you’re looking for something different than crowded, noisy tourist-y locales.

This blog post from Adventures in Japan! highlights in great detail the many attractions that the island has to offer.

For one, the writer says it’s an “unknown island – even to the Japanese!”, which could make it quite a desirable destination for anyone seeking a more serene, peaceful sort of vacation in and around Japan.

Further, Naoshima is part of the Benesse Art Site Project,  a group of islands that promote contemporary art in Japan. Naoshima in particular does its part by housing various museums on its shores.

The author of the article had this to say about the island’s attractive qualities: The most impressive feature of the island had to be the Art House Project, which is located on the eastern side of the island in Honmura village, and showcases a number of old warehouses which have also been rendered into unique pieces of artwork.

Check out the rest of the post to view an extensive amount of pictures of Naoshima and its beauty. It really looks quaint, peaceful, and calm, a far cry from the hustle-bustle and overcrowded streets of major cities like Japan.

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