More than just strobe lights: check out Androp’s shiny new video

This post won’t be a favorite amongst those of you sensitive to bright, flashing lights.

Japanese rock band Androp made a pretty sweet music video, with the help of Party, a creative company that focuses on advertising, technology, and cool visual effects.

The music video for Androp’s song Bright Siren, though, is notable because it manages to be visually stirring WITHOUT relying on CGI. There is no CGI in the video at all.

The flashing lights behind the band in the video are the result of 250 flashing Canon still cameras, nothing else.

Just watch it, it’s pretty technologically impressive:


FastCompany explains what went into making such an elaborate video:

The shoot took place over 48 consecutive hours–day one alone involved building the set and shooting plates with the strobe wall alone; day two was for shooting the band. “In theory, we knew it would work, but we never had a chance to test out the whole 250 cameras until the day of the shoot,” says Kawamura, who directed the clip with Party’s Qanta Shimizu. “All the teams were in tears when we saw the camera wall working.”

Below, enjoy a behind-the-scenes video detailing the exhaustive process that went into creating the magic.

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