Aerial Imaging Technologies

No, this is not a post about new methods on taking aerial images (although I they’re pretty cool). This is a post about literal aerial imaging, like projecting video in the air!


Asukanet introduced this new technology at the 2011 Sign & Display Show, which is a three day long exhibition for new technology held in Tokyo and attracts over 30,000 people and over 160 companies from all over the world, including big names like Panasonic and Fujifilm. The new technology projects images into the air. Unfortunately, you can’t experience it other than being there, but here’s a video of it that shows what I mean:


How it works is there is a special glass plate called the Aerial Imaging Plate (AIP) of which details have been kept private. The AIP is placed in front of an LCD screen and reflects the images onto the other side, the air. You can only see the reflected images by standing in front of the AIP; you can’t see anything from the sides. When it is combined with a sensor, it turns the display into a touchscreen! When you put an object behind the AIP, like the cup in the video, it basically turns it into a mirage. Quite mind-blowing, no? It would make for a great prank!

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