Congrats to Koji Murofushi!

The 13th World Championships in Athletics are being held in Daegu, South Korea right now, and Japanese hammer thrower, Koji Murofushi won a gold medal at 36 years old! It was his first world gold medal and he became the oldest man to win a world title in men’s hammer throw. He was throwing season bests and settled at 81m24, and Krisztián Pars of Hungary came in a mere 6cm away on his last throw.

Here are a few comments he had for Sports Navi:

–What are your thoughts on winning gold?

I think the reason I was able to win at 36 is thanks to all the people who supported my condition. I would like to thank those who cheered for me. And above all, I’m very happy that people in Japan are excited.

— Were you thinking about 81m since your first throw?

No, I was only thinking about putting all my strength into every throw. I believe I had an ideal start this time. At the beginning, I was able to put myself in a position where I was guaranteed a medal, and then I was able to aim for gold. It went how I envisioned it.

–What about the London Olympics?

I’m going to prepare as hard as I did next season and I’m going to start now so that I can spend summer feeling great. In order to maintain my current condition, I also need the support of the people around me so I’m planning on doing best to have interesting and good things to report.

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