Time-Traveling Hello Kitty Item, or Human Error?

Visitors to the Yunnan-Myanmar Anti-War Museum were surprised recently when they discovered a Hello Kitty badge positioned alongside other items dating back to World War II. A military badge had an imprint of the iconic Japanese character, which made it look rather out of place at the exhibit.

The badge was said to have belonged to a team of US military personnel in 1943.

The problem? Hello Kitty didn’t exist until 30 years later.

Before you go assuming that some paranormal time-travel shenanigans are responsible for the badge showing up along real, authenticated World War II materials, note this: the museum removed the badge from the collection due to what they called “inaccurate time information”. Apparently, the staff at the museum isn’t very efficient with fact-checking before they put items up for display in collections.

Via CRI English

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    I have a feeling this had something to do with the Tardis…

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