Sunae Aritist : NAOSHI

Naoshi, she’s an artist based in Yokohama (near Tokyo), making art using shiny color sand (it’s called “Sunae” in Japan). How incredible. Be sure to check out Naoshi’s Etsy shop or her website, which is packed with vibrant and unique sand painted work.

Naoshi says, ” Sunae requires so much concentration and is not easy, but once you accomplish the whole piece, it gives you a pleasant feeling that I can’t even express. The real Sunae is also very shiny and sparkly which can’t be shown in prints, so I really want you to see the actual Sunae art once you get the chance!”

Little about her Art and Sunae  :

What is “Sunae” and what are some of its unique characteristics?
Sunae (pronounced suna’é) is a Japanese word meaning “sand painting.” The artist begins by drawing a design onto a special sticker sheet. Following this, colors are applied one at a time by cutting out and peeling off sections of the illustration and covering them with colored sand. It can be difficult, as there is no way to re-do or touch up a mistake, but the happy sense of satisfaction at seeing the finished piece is well worth the pressure! Shiny, colored sand is truly beautiful and I’d like everyone to see the original pieces, not just the digital images.


How did you begin working with Sunae?
I came across a shop selling a Sunae starter kit and recalled making sand art as a child. When I first tried my hand at Sunae it was so much fun: feeling the texture of the sand and seeing the finished piece made me ecstatic. With the thought of, “I’ll make an even better one next!” always in my head I continued to create, and before I knew it seven years had passed and I had become “the Sunae person.” (Source)


If you are in LA area, you can check out her amazing pieces in art galleries.

| WWA gallery in santa monica |  Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra |


she also sells her items on etsy store. I want all of them.

amazing work Naoshi! One day, i would love to meet you in person.

(photo credit : naoshi)

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