Dog awarded gold collar for his heroic deeds

Photo: Japan Times

In Naie, Hokkaido, a 7-year old Labrador named Junior was honored for saving his 81-year old owner (and his owner’s granddaughter) from freezing to death overnight.

Their car accidentally went off the road, crashing down an embankment. Neither Yoshimasa Soma, the man, or his granddaughter could move as a result of the crash.

They weren’t found until the next day, but it was only through Junior’s assistance that they made it through the night, which was plagued with sub-zero temperatures. Lucky managed to keep them alive, either by licking their face or just snuggling up close and providing some body warmth.

As a result, both Soma and his granddaughter walked away from the wreck with only frostbite on their feet; clearly their situation could have ended up much worse, if not for the heroic efforts of Junior.


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