Google’s Android system, manga-style

Android, the operating system attached to millions of smartphones, is currently the star of a new manga series entitled Sweet Android High.

Featuring a crew of international high school girls named after phones – Moto-Laura-chan, Sam-Sung-chan, H-T-Syee-chan, Elle-G-chan and Soni-Eri-chan – the series is a unique attempt to advertise the operating system in a distinctly Japanese fashion.

The girls’ teacher is named Google, as you see above.

Clearly, this is an attempt by someone (Google, presumably) to capitalize on the international popularity of manga and anime, and it is pretty clever – you don’t see this type of advertising very often.

Check out more about Sweet Android High here (where the above pictures came from, as well).

via CNET



3 Responses to Google’s Android system, manga-style

  1. kt76 says:

    seriously~where in the world is the name called “nokia”??xD

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