The cutest Hello kitty Dentist in tokyo.

OMG. Are you kidding? Hello kitty dentist really exists in koto-ku, Tokyo. Definitely the pink-est + cutest dentist on earth.  It’s called “Hearts Dental Clinic.” On Jan 13th, the clinic opened with full supports by sanrio japan, and it’s sanrio approved and pink pink… super pink inside!!


The reason for making a “Hello Kitty” dental clinic isn’t simply that Japan is crazy for Kitty—it is—but rather, the clinic uses the character as a way to make going to the dentist less nerve racking for patients, especially younger ones. This is one of the major reasons why Japanese pre-school buses look like giant puppy dogs or Pokémon characters. Their cute characters make kids want to ride them much more than a boring old bus. (source)

You, japan, really love hello kitty! Who doesn’t love the idea of Hearts dental clinic for kids!

Wanna see more pinky photos? here. (source)

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  1. Jackelyn says

    I love Hello Kitty soo much!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Elisa says

    I love Hello-Kitty soo much too!!!!!!!!!’

  3. Consultorio dental temático de Hello Kitty

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  4. Elisa says

    Where are the people of the web?

  5. Elisa says

    I’m spanish and me say that:
    In Spain not are the 4,56 of the morning.

  6. Elisa says

    I’m talk in English very good for my years,no?

  7. Anonymous says

    This is kooooll xp

  8. lexi says

    2 bad i dont live in Tokyo

  9. yunapyon says

    I wish I did too…

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