Nagi Noda Hair Hats

These beautifully engineered, animal-shaped hair hats from Japanese art director Nagi Noda are just too amazing for words. Have you ever seen anything like these before?  She does all sorts of wicked art, but these insanely stunning animal hair hats totally did it for me.

Nagi Noda (野田 凪 Noda Nagi?) (1973 – September 7, 2008) was a Japanese pop artist and director born in Tokyo. (wiki)

(photo credits)

This is one of my favorite Nagi Noda-directed music videos :

Coca Cola “What Goes Around Comes Around”

Franc Franc Chiristmas CM by Nagi Noda

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  • Lisa

    Wow, these are SO. OLD. I can’t believe you’ve never seen them!

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