Hello Kitty Designer YUKO YAMAGUCHI

Meet the Hello Kitty designer YUKO YAMAGUCHI! She is the third designer assigned to work on Hello Kitty, and disappointed in the prospect. She has been designing Hello Kitty since 1980, over 35 years. She also created the characters  “Dear Daniel” aka hello kitty’s boyfiriend in 1999,  and “charmmy kitty”, hello kitty’s pet. in 2004. I am pretty sure you know both of them, right? Sanrio Kawaii!

Yuko continues to travel to boutiques around the world, at 40 a year,  to meet with fans, though of course these days, the reception is different.

Yuko said, “I think I can say that Hello Kitty changed my life as much as I changed her life.” (source)

What’s your favorite of all the designs you’ve done?

The [1994-1996] Face series, which generated a real Kitty boom. Until then, Kitty was designed for children and I carried around Hello Kitty merchandise only as samples, because I was the designer. But I actually bought up to 20 pieces from the Face range — five for myself and the rest for my friends — because I knew that from then on nobody would be telling me that Hello Kitty was just for kids. (source)

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1834451,00.html#ixzz1mOGsUnLh



Watch her interview when she was in LA.

Check out her kawaii blog, her daily life with hello kitty!

Yuko, keep up with your awesome work! xo

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