World’s first cup chow mein BAR “Yakiso BAR UFO” is now open!

The Yakisoba UFO (cup chow mein) new TV commercial presentation and open press conference was held at Promenade in Metro Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station underground passage on February 27. For a limited time from February 27 to march 4th, they will open “Yakisoba UFO”, a replica of the set used for their new television commercials.

“Yakiso BAR UFO”, the world’s first chow mien specialty bar, is a place to experience the taste and aroma of the “UFO Nissin Chow Mein.” Instead of bottles, this bar has kettles for hot water all lined up side by side! 5 seats are available at the bar.  A cup of Yakisoba UFO is ¥200. They are open 11:00 am to 8pm. You can feel free to stop by at any time to eat “UFO Nissin chow mein.”

Mr. Kippei Shiina, who plays the role of master of the “Yakiso BAR UFO” in the new TV commercial also appreared at the presentation, and commented about the appeal of the bar, “The atmosphere is slightly different from the commercial stage but the kettle’s shine is still the same.” The new commercial “One Shot Customer” will start broacasting on Thursday, March 1 with Mr. Shiina sporting his dundee cut waters. On the appeal of these commericials Mr Shiina mentions that they “bring the Nissin brand and taste into a feeling of nostalgia and the friendliness.”

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