One Piece x Roppongi hills

ONE PIECE exhibition { one piece-ten } will be held for 3 months in Roppongi hills, Tokyo. Starts from March 20th at Mori Arts Center Gallery.

Oooooooh Oda Eiichiro Sensei! I just can’t wait to go! The thing is I was there a month ago but I had no clue they were building the giant ship inside of roppongi hills tower.. what a surprise!

A nationwide hit, there have been many ‘one piece’- related exhibitions in the past, but this latest one builds on past experience to present fasn with the ultimate exhibition, TIN says.

(photo credit Nlab)

From March 20th, 2012 to June 17th, 2012 Mari Arts Canter Gallery, Roppongi Hills , Tokyo. 2000 yen to get in for an adult.

The exhibition, which marks the 15th year since the manga was first published, was creadted under the supervision of the priginal creater, Eiichiro Oda himself —- guaranteeing that the world of ONE PIECE is accurately and uncompromisingly displayed. It’s also one of the largest , ever, with the exhibition spanning the entire 52th floor of Roppongi hills. (TIN)

How cool that is!

More than just an art fallery, an attraction, or a screening event, the exhibition employs different methods to communicate the element of fun that made “ONE PIECE” the massice hit that it is. There are LIFE SIZED FIGURES of MUGIWARA NO ICHIMI! You dont wanna miss that.

A little bit about Mori Tower…

The Mori Tower is a 54-story high-rise building housing an art museum, a cinema complex, restaurants, cafes, stores, the offices of Ferrari Japan, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, TV Asahi, J-WAVE, Konami, Rakuten, Livedoor, Yahoo! Japan, and the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
The first six levels of Mori Tower contain retail stores and restaurants. The top six floors house the Mori Art Museum and the Tokyo City View with panoramic views of the city.

You’ll enjoy the most amazing view of Tokyo. Night + Day! It’s worth going up there twice. I had a blast drinking yummy beers at the bar:) and looking down TOKYO from 250M HIGH!!

Watch this video.

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  • Dave Collymore

    I went to this exhibition last week. I am borrowing some info from your blog to put on mine… I will provide the link to your blog of course..

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  • yunapyon

    Hi Dave, Wasn’t it amazing??? I mean, i totally missed it but I read so many good reviews online 🙂 SO JEALOUS!

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