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Do you know this gal? She’s one of those famous-YouTube-videobloggers! Yes, in japan, she is the ultimate youtube idol!

She makes Japanese styled hair and make up tutorial videos for Japanese Girls since the subtitles are all japanese. Her name is Kota Koti, she’s 16 year-old from Florida, US. Just signed up with one of the famous model agencies in tokyo. In this interview { Mezamashi TV show }, she said her dream really came true this year, which is to be a kawii model in japan.

She’s known as the real Barbie doll in Japanese Fashion Magazines! So kawaii!

check out her daily blog and more kawaii photos!


I guess barbie dolls really exist in America!

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  • Anonymous

    youre so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………….

  • Lea

    She’s FAAAAAKE!

  • Anonymous

    Oh… she was the one who was incredibly racist towards the Japanese a few years ago.. now she’s obsessed with japan. Like Lea said, she’s fake. I wish she would just tell everyone the truth. It getting pretty obvious now. Sad…

  • Anonymous

    she’s cute, even if she is edited or not. I don’t know what to think ;-;

  • Anonymous

    Dakota Rose acted out on youtube how the Chinese are portrayed in some old American
    cartoons, that would now be considered to be in bad taste. It was just childish behavior
    by a girl trying to be outrageous like her infamous older sister. She was never racist
    towards the Japanese. That is just a lie.

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