MIYAVI will release the Best Album

MIYAVI will release the best album titled ALL TIME BEST “DAY 2” on April 5th to celebrate the 15th anniversary.

ALL TIME BEST “DAY 2” will be available in following different editions.

The new song, “Live to Die Another Day” is featured in the movie “Mugen no Jūnin”, starring Takuya Kimura.

★Limited Edition (2CD+DVD) *special packaging with sleeve case
Retail Price: 7,800JPY(excl. tax)
UPC: 00602557432176
【2CD】DISC 1 (20 tracks including 5 re-recorded songs and a new song) / DISC 2 (13 tracks) = 33 TRACKS IN TOTAL
【DVD】MIYAVI Japan Tour 2016“NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE”Tour Final @ Makuhari Messe LIVEfootage (aprox. 90min)
【Special Booklet】
・newly shot photos
・collection of behind-the-scene photos from MIYAVI Japan Tour 2016“NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE”

DISC 1 -DAY 1-
(01) What’s My Name ? – Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(02) Universe – Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(03) Ahead Of The Light – Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(04) What A Wonderful World – Day2 Mix (re-recorded)
(05) Guard You- Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(06) Live to Die Another Day (New song) (Theme song for the movie “無限の住人
(07) What’s My Name ?
(08) Survive
(09) Torture
(10) Strong
(11) Day 1
(12) Ahead Of The Light
(13) Horizon
(14) Secret
(15) Real?
(16) Let Go
(17) The Others
(18) Afraid To Be Cool
(19) Fire Bird
(20) Long Nights

DISC 2 -DAY 0-
(1) Rock No Gyakusyuu Superstar No Zyouken
(2) Freedom Fighters
(3) Wedding March With Band Ver.
(4) Senor Senora Senorita
(5) Itoshii Hito (Beta De Suman.)-2006 ver.-
(6) Dear My Friend -Tegami Wo Kakuyo–
(7) Kimi Ni Negai Wo
(8) We Love You
(9) Selfish Love -Aishitekure,Aishiterukara-
(10) Sakihokoru Hana No Youni -Neo Visyualism-
(11) Subarashikikana, Kono Sekai -What A Wonderful Word-
(12) Hi No Hikarisae Todokanai Kono Basyo De feat. SUGIZO
(13) Girls, be ambitious.(previously released from Indies label)

★Standard Edition (CD)
Retail Price: 2,500JPY (excl. tax)
【CD】 same as DISC 1 of Limited Edition =20 tracks in total

★Digital (worldwide/All BPs)
Standard Edition plus “Mission: Impossible Theme” (as a bundle bonus)

MIYAVI World Tour 2017 “Fire Bird”
Feb. 19th Seoul @ V-Hall
Feb. 24th Hong Kong @ MacPherson Stadium
Feb. 26th Taipei @ ATT Show Box

**EU/US tour dates will be announced soon.

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