Girl Skateboards x Sanrio Skateboard Deck Series 07.20.12

California based skateboard company, Girl Skateboards has released a new series of decks created in conjunction with Sanrio, featuring the likes of 12 different Sanrio characters. Girl co-owner Mike Carroll previously released a Hello Kitty skateboard deck as part of … READ MORE

Worlds Oldest Dog Dies In Japan At 26 12.07.11

Pusuke, the world’s oldest dog, died this Monday in Sakura, Japan at the age of 26. Born in March 1985, Pusuke was recognized last year as the world’s oldest living dog by Guinness Book Of World Records. Owner, Yumiko Shinohara, … READ MORE

Nisennenmondai: Japanese instrumental rock trio 10.21.11

I was recently introduced to the music of 3 piece girl rockers, Nisennenmondai. as stated on their website, the name means “computer bug problem of 2000 year”. I think their name suits them well, and although the year 2000 wasn’t … READ MORE

Halloween Bento Boxes 10.01.11

Well its finally October which means its time to get ready for Halloween! Here are some Halloween themed bento boxes to get you in the spirit of the holiday season:

More Japanese Indie Rock Music Videos 09.19.11

I set out once again to discover some indie bands from Japan and found quite a few acts. Most of these videos were obviously created on much lower budgets than PVs for bigger bands. Meaning some of these videos aren’t … READ MORE

“PONPONPON” by model turned singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 09.07.11

I’ve just discovered the music of fashion model turned singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. She released her debut mini-album Moshi Moshi Harajuku this summer. I normally wouldn’t give something like the catchy lead single “PONPONPON” a second listen, but I love … READ MORE

Abandoned Amusement Parks 08.29.11

When amusement parks go out of business, they aren’t always torn down right away. Some go for years sitting there left to decay and become overgrown with vegetation. Check out these photos of abandoned amusement parks in Japan via Tofugu. … READ MORE

Anatomy of Doraemon, the robotic cat 08.11.11

For those of you who have never heard of the manga character Doraemon, he is a robotic cat who has traveled back in time from the 22nd century to aid young schoolboy, Nobita Nobi. He has a forth-dimensional pocket, called … READ MORE

The Changing World of Japan’s Geisha 08.10.11

Geisha culture used to be a tradition enjoyed mostly by wealthy citizens leading luxurious lifestyles. However, with the economic slump that Japan has experienced in the last 20 years or so, geisha are found more frequently as entertainers for the … READ MORE

Japanese indie and electronic bands 08.09.11

Today, I set out to discover some Japanese rock bands that I’d never heard of and that I thought our readers might never have heard of. In my search I came across some straight forward indie rock bands like Jackie … READ MORE

Cruel and Unusual Japanese Pranks and Game Shows 08.08.11

These brutal Japanese game shows and pranks show no mercy on their contestants and unsuspecting victims. While you can’t help but feel sorry for these prank victims, you also can’t help but laugh a little. These clips are hilarious and … READ MORE

Hajimete no Otsukai, Genius Japanese kids out in the real world 08.04.11

Thanks to Japanese Probe, I’ve just discovered “Hajimete no Otsukai” (First Errand). Its a Japanese TV show that follows kids as they carry out errands for their parents on their own. The kids perform tasks like going to the store … READ MORE

Takabisha: world’s steepest roller coaster now running 08.01.11

Takabisha was recently opened to the public at Fuji-Q Highland. The roller coaster, standing at 43m high with an incline of 121 degrees, holds the Guinness World Record for the steepest roller coaster made of steel. To build, the ride … READ MORE