Shonen Jump Alpha Now Downloadable 01.12.13

Shonen Jump Alpha Shifts Gear To those who are clueless, VIZ Media decided to change their policy of their weekly digital manga, Shonen Jump Alpha, from renting the digital copy to now downloading and owning it. Prior to the change, … READ MORE

Dragon Ball Z Full Color Reprint in February 2013 01.03.13

Dragon Ball Z Full Color Reprint! Another thing to look forward to in early 2013! It has been announced by V Jump that the classic manga, Dragon Ball Z, will be re-released in color! That’s right, you will now be able to … READ MORE

Merry Christmas! Christmas cake from Bandai 12.25.12

Bandai’s Christmas cakes are so fun! I wish I could get Pikachu cake! Merry Christmas!

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Coming Soon 08.10.12

Coming out August 25, Rurouni Kenshin will be released in Japan as a new live action feature. Directed by Keishi Otomo and starring Takeru Satou as the Himura Kenshin the battousai. Rurouni Kenshin takes place at the end of the Bakumatsu, he became a wandering … READ MORE

ZELDAMOTION! Manga to Anime 08.03.12

  The guys over at Aeipathy Industries (an independent studio and freelance production company based out of Arizona) are planning to “convert the Legend of Zelda manga books into an animated series!” You’re probably sitting there thinking, “well, it isn’t ‘Nintendo‘ … READ MORE

Cyborg 009 is Coming Back 07.17.12

Archaia Entertainment announced during Comic-Con 2012 a new release of the classic sci-fi tale, Cyborg 009. Created by Shotaro Ishinomori, also know for works such as Kamen Rider and Skullman, the story follows the lives of nine normal human beings that are kidnapped by a secret organization and … READ MORE

ANIME EXPO 2012 – Day 2 Coverage + Interviews! 07.10.12

Hello Kawaii & Kakkoii viewers! Finally, it is here! Exclusive coverage of Anime Expo 2012 Day 2 Events. Here’s what we have: Pray for Japan Tiger & Bunny Animetal USA Madoka Magica Yuki Kajiura & FictionJunction Check out what the … READ MORE

One Piece: Pirate Warriors Video Game Release 07.07.12

Come September 21, One Piece: Pirate Warriors will be released on the PS3 in the UK. Namco Bandai and developer Omega Force (also developed the Dynasty Warriors franchise) have built a large scale action game with battles featuring our favorite … READ MORE

Sailor Moon Returns to Anime! 07.07.12

  Pop idols Momoiro Clover Z made an announcement Friday during the 20th anniversary of the Sailor Moon manga . They will be working with publisher Kodansha, and creator Naoko Takeuchi to create a brand new adaptation of Sailor Moon. Momoiro Clover Z be singing the theme … READ MORE

comixmaniac’s “One Piece isn’t an anime– it’s a way of life” 07.04.12

I was about to sleep until one of my friends posted this link on my Facebook Timeline. (Gosh, that sounds weird to say… because it used to be Facebook “WALL.”) I thought this was pretty cool so I decided to … READ MORE

Our weekend at Anime Expo 2012 07.02.12

June 29- July 2 was the annual Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center! Here at KKS we had fun attending panels, interviewing fans, watching movies, and most of all taking pictures of cosplayers! We will upload videos and reports … READ MORE

Hatsune Miku in Weekly Shonen Jump 06.05.12

In this week’s Shonen Jump, Hatsune Miku appears in Kochikame (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo), which is the longest-running manga series! The front page of the manga features a vocaloid version of Reiko, the female main character of the manga. … READ MORE

Tattoo… 05.15.12

My friend is thinking of getting a tattoo.  I know that at one point or another we all think of getting one, but actually getting it done is some other story. I really wanted one few years back, but since … READ MORE