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Is the Japanese Gaming Industry “breaking up” with the West? 09.14.11

Ryan Winterhalter of 1UP.com published a well-thought out piece concerning why the Japanese video game industry is drifting away from the USA and Western societies. Titled Why Japanese Games are Breaking Up With the West, it’s a fascinating read, and … READ MORE

Was Nintendo’s Super Mario All-Stars Wii compilation worthwhile? 01.12.11

Check out this well-thought-out article from 1up in which they discuss the recently released Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition for the Wii. The game is a collection of all four original Super Mario games: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario … READ MORE

Despite rough 2010, Japanese gaming industry remaining hopeful 01.06.11

2010 was a rough year for the Japanese video game world, with declining sales for consoles and games, shifting trends and expectations and other issues. Despite the negative outlook that mainstream media outlets tended to adopt when referring to the … READ MORE

Playstation 3 is the King, so says Famitsu 03.25.10

Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine, recently conducted a thorough investigation of its own archives in order to rank video game consoles to see which is the “best”. According to this write up from the folks at 1Up, the results of … READ MORE