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Tattoo… 05.15.12

My friend is thinking of getting a tattoo.  I know that at one point or another we all think of getting one, but actually getting it done is some other story. I really wanted one few years back, but since … READ MORE

Rilakkuma Key Chain GIVEAWAY! 04.27.12

Hello KKS boys and girls, we have another giveaway for you guys! Super Kawaii Rilakkuma Key Chain! Another giveaway is here (^_^)/ We will pick 1 lucky winner!! (>_<) What // Super Kawaii Rilakkuma Key Chain! We will pick 1 … READ MORE

3D Birthday Cakes 06.08.11

This company called Mahou Birthday Cake (Magic Birthday Cake) will make a three-dimensional edible model of whatever you wish! The price ranges from 16,800 yen to 29,800 yen ($210-$372) depending on the size. Here are some of their really awesome order-made … READ MORE

Break Dance Group of Otakus – R.A.B. 06.02.11

When you think of otakus, frail nerdy guys come to mind, but this mindset may change thanks to break dance group, Real Akiba Boys (R.A.B.), of which three of the members have won first place in Japan’s National Dance Tournament … READ MORE

Sugoi Promotional Videos 06.01.11

Hifana – “Wamono” (Japanese) Hifana, which means south winds in Okinawan, is a breakbeat duo that came together in 1998 in Tokyo. This amazing animated video won the Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award in 2005. The Back Horn – … READ MORE


If you decided to read this post because you thought, “oh, Japanese shrooms? I’M SO DOWN,” I have some (un)fortunate news. What I actually wanted to talk about are mushroom shaped chocolate snacks. They’re Meiji’s “Kinoko no Yama (= Mushroom … READ MORE

Jumping Robots?? I want 3 of these…. 11.03.09

Sometimes I wish I lived in Japan, then I could buy all these crazy cool futuristic robot things that they keep developing….why doesn’t anyone develop stuff like this in the US??? So cool….

Mario Kart & Pac Man in real life = awesome 10.22.09

This is a bit old but I just stumbled upon it over at JapanProbe. Yes. I wish i was cool enough to do this. here’s Pac-Man too, even funnier. Warning: there’s an F-bomb about midway through, so if you can’t … READ MORE