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Japanese School Girls Play a Round of Ninja 07.17.14

What at first just seems like a video of two friends at school playing tag turns into an exciting video of ninja moves! Not only is the video exhilarating, it teaches you some ninja jargon too. The girl being chased, … READ MORE

Panasonic Beauty Series 04.13.13

When you hear Panasonic, you imagine TVs and cameras right? But in Japan, Panasonic has been supplying ‘Beauty’ series for years!  I heard from a friend that Panasonic Beauty series will expand overseas soon so we will be able to … READ MORE

Japanese Tourists Prank 07.16.12

Need a kick on a Monday afternoon? Check out this funny Japanese Tourists Prank. These girls have their victims take a Polaroid picture for them. Right after the picture was taken, a van pass by and the young female tourists “transform” into … READ MORE

New Idol Group: RO-KYU-BU 06.10.11

Here’s the new idol group, RO-KYU-BU, who is being called the next AKB48. This unit is quite different from the others as it is made up of professional voice actresses, who will actually be playing anime characters in the show … READ MORE