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SPYAIR Provides Theme Song for New “Gundam” and Announces Tour Dates 08.28.16

SPYAIR‘s new song titled “RAGE OF DUST” has been announced as the opening theme song to the second season of TV anime, “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans“, slated to premiere on October 2. Although no further details have been revealed on … READ MORE

The Cultural Differences in Japan’s Mecha and the United State’s Robots 08.17.15

  Next June, robot enthusiasts from around the world will be treated to a spectacle unlike any other: a four meter tall mecha designed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry will face off against Boston-based-firm MegaBots’ Mark II robot in a knock-down, … READ MORE

Limited Edition Gundam x Reebok Sneakers 05.09.14

To celebrate Reebok’s Insta Pump Fury’s 20th anniversary, the company released limited edition Gundam shoes on April 29th. The sneakers are available at Reebok stores in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. (No, I didn’t forget to type, “Japan.” We … READ MORE

Hatsune Miku Performs at the Palm of Your Hand via Hologram 05.08.14

With Bandai’s Hakovision (hako = box) you can watch a pretty good quality 3D projection mapping video for just $5. The first Hakovisions were released in April and of Gundam and Zaku. Check out the videos of the 8.5 cm … READ MORE

Gunpla EXPO World Tour Japan 2013 11.21.13

Gundam plastic model kits have been popular for well over 30 years now, so it comes as no surprise that there are events around the world that are dedicated to Gunpla. One of them is the Gunpla Expo World Tour. … READ MORE

Char Aznable’s Zaku Cake 10.26.13

Premium Bandai is continuously releasing products that are sure to attract many anime fans. This time they’re selling cakes shaped like the head of Char’s zaku.     Strawberry flavored on the outside and chocolate mousse on the inside. It even … READ MORE

Gundam Cafe?! The 3rd Mecha Restaurant in Tokyo Station! 12.19.12

Not the first, but the 3rd Gundam Cafe! Apparently, the next popular thing right after Maid Cafe, is a Gundam Cafe! Tomorrow (or more like today in Japan) the new restaurant will be opened in Tokyo! I am betting it … READ MORE

Life Size Gundams 10.06.12

A life-sized Gundam isn’t exactly NEW news but still continues to be very impressive to this day. Imagine taking this baby out on Halloween night! Not sure how you would go trick-or-treating with it though… One of the latest details … READ MORE

6 Meter Tall Gundam Statue 07.09.12

Yup, that’s right. A 6 meter high Gundam statue will be displayed at the China International Comics and Games Expo in Shanghai from 7/12-7/16! A model kit featuring the same design as the RX-78-2 GUNDAM CHINA SPECIAL will be sold … READ MORE

Gundam Cafe 11.11.11

Did you know that there is a Gundam Cafe in Akihabara that opened last year in Spring? For those Gundam fans out there, this place is a must visit. This is the store interior At the cafe you can enjoy… … READ MORE

New Gundam Series 06.09.11

This news is blowing up all over Japanese blogs! According to them the new series will be called Gundam AGE and will be worked on by Level-5, an independent video game developer who is well-known for the Professor Layton series. … READ MORE

Hello Kitty in Cosplay 06.02.11

Illustrator Joseph Senior’s Hello Kitty plastic model concept is amazing. He mashes the geeky with the kawaii. Check them out!

Cosplay Fails 10.01.10

So here we have some great photos thanks to the internet. What we have are probably the worst cosplay (minus Man-Faye) people of all time. Whether it is self aware or not (I think most are not) these cannot cease … READ MORE