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Sakura Bomb 4: Tune in Tokyo & Mighty Harajuku Project seek to inspire continued support for Japan Recovery 07.27.11

Hello Everyone, Its critical that people remain aware of the great challenges that Japan is facing in recovering the from the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Work continues at Fukushima Daiichi on bringing the crippled nuclear reactors to a cold shutdown (estimated … READ MORE

HOLIDAY HOT MESS! Tune in Tokyo & Diamond Deck the Halls at Royal/T Dec. 21st! 12.19.10

Hello Everyone, It”s been an amazing year for Japanese and global pop in Los Angeles! This year, we were treated to concerts from X Japan, Miyavi, Vamps, the Korean Music Festival featuring Kara, Wonder Girls, and Beast, SM Town featuring … READ MORE

Tune in Tokyo at PMX, Upcoming Events at 2nd Street Jazz, Royal/T 11.17.10

Hello Everyone, As fall turns to winter (although you wouldn”t know it in Los Angeles), there are some great events coming up for fans of Japanese music and fashion. Tune in Tokyo has some exciting shows planned for the end … READ MORE

Jrock Live this Week, VAMPS Tour 2010, and Kira Kira Photo Sticker Shop 08.15.10

Hello Everyone, The end of the summer is proving to be a busy time for the Jrock and global pop scene in Los Angeles! I wanted to share with you information on upcoming events, including some of our own Tune … READ MORE

Japanese Actor Daisuke Ban, J-Pop Idol Stephanie Yanez in Little Tokyo 07.30.10

Greetings from Tune in Tokyo! We”re back with additional updates on Japanese music and pop culture events in Los Angeles! First up, Anime Jungle & The Cure Shop welcomes a very special guest to Little Tokyo for Nisei Week! On … READ MORE

Tune in Tokyo Upcoming Events: Sakura Bomb Jrock Live & More 07.27.10

Hello Everyone! We”re going to be sharing information on upcoming Tune in Tokyo events and the Jpop, Jrock and global pop scene a couple of times a week. We”re thrilled to be contributing to Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, and are getting … READ MORE