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Life-size Hatsune Miku Built of Legos + Interview 04.18.14

@ChaosBrick, who goes by terebi, spent six months building a life-size Hatsune Miku with Legos. His tweet that included a picture of the completed Miku statue has been retweeted by more than 11,500 fans all over the world. The people … READ MORE

Life-size Attack on Titan Projection 04.14.14

This past weekend, a life-size Colossal Titan appeared in Kawasaki via projection mapping. Thousands of fans gathered at the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza to catch a glimpse of the Attack on Titan projection. Introduction with Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa) and Yu Kobayashi … READ MORE

One Piece x Roppongi hills 04.09.12

ONE PIECE exhibition { one piece-ten } will be held for 3 months in Roppongi hills, Tokyo. Starts from March 20th at Mori Arts Center Gallery. Oooooooh Oda Eiichiro Sensei! I just can’t wait to go! The thing is I was … READ MORE

Snow Miku 2012 in Chitose Airport 02.07.12

Snow Miku various displays and limited edition goods will be present in Chitose Airport from 2/6-2/12. The designs are done by Chitose native,KEI, who his the only official illustrator of Hatsune Miku. There’s also the world’s first life-size Hatsune Miku … READ MORE

Life-Size Hatsune Miku 01.30.12

If you don’t already know, the virtual diva, Hatsune Miku, is quite the sensation in Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a ranking of intense, die-hard fans, with Miku’s clan being number one. And to illustrate how deep … READ MORE