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Funasshi, the Humanoid Pear, Japan’s Top Mascot for 2013 08.08.13

Funasshi, the Humanoid Pear, Japan’s Top Mascot for 2013 Remember that article we did about the importance and prominence of yurukyara (mascots) in Japanese culture? And remember how there was a competition called the Yurukyara Grand Prix that pitted these … READ MORE

Yurukyara: Mascots for Everyone 06.18.13

Yurukyara: Mascots for Everyone Last week, we had an article about a terrifying series of mascots from a certain company. Here’s the link if you want to relive the horror. I didn’t just bring them up again as an excuse … READ MORE

SADAKO+Baseball=??? 04.26.12

So like I said, Sadako 3D will be in theaters in May and for promotion, Sadako herself came to a baseball game held at Tokyo Dome to throw her “cursed pitch”…. weird… hahaha but funny! She pitched at the opening … READ MORE

Golfers/Bowlers/Tennis players BEWARE…. 04.08.10

The LAST thing I’d want to have happen if I was golfing, bowling, or playing tennis would be a silly yellow mascot thing crashing in and yelling “PEEE” at me and ruining my game. Apparently, this Pachinko mascot, named “P-kun”, … READ MORE