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Sherlock Holmes and Watson to appear in new Ace Attorney game 09.10.14

Sherlock Holmes and Watson to appear in new Ace Attorney game That Meiji Era (1868-1912 Japan) Great Ace Attorney (that will probably never make an international release as is) is welcoming a familiar face to its character roster, Sherlock Holmes … READ MORE

New Ace Attorney for 3DS to take place in Meiji Era 04.23.14

New Ace Attorney for 3DS to take place in Meiji Era It’s something no fan expected and suddenly realized they wanted, a new Ace Attorney (Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Ryuunosuke Naruhodou no Bouken) with the possibility of an actual encounter with … READ MORE

Japanese Candy Review – Hore Hore Chocolate 01.29.13

It’s Gummy! It’s Chocolate-y! It’s… HORE HORE CHOCOLATE! What is up, KKS viewers! We decided to do something different for our YouTube channel! In this Japanese Candy Review show, Jason will be reviewing various Japanese Candies! The first episodes features … READ MORE

Chocolat de Tomato 01.28.12

Looks like there’s a tomato boom in Japan! Here’s the latest tomato-infused product from Meiji, Chocolat de Tomato in stores next week. They mixed freeze dried tomatoes with creamy white chocolate to create a rich and sweet and sour snack. … READ MORE

Meiji Chocolate Covered Hokkaido Potato Chips 05.19.11

Hey guys! We got a new snack today by meiji called Hokkaido Aragiri (ridges) Choco-Potato. If you’re a fan of the sweet and salty combination, then this is your snack. Apparently they used actual potatoes from Hokkaido, which is in … READ MORE

Apolo Strawberry Chocolates get an Up-graaade! 10.25.10

So, you have probably (whether you live in the US or Japan) seen one of these packages somewhere, and if you’re a chocolate fan, odds are you might have tried them once or twice. BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!!!! The … READ MORE


If you decided to read this post because you thought, “oh, Japanese shrooms? I’M SO DOWN,” I have some (un)fortunate news. What I actually wanted to talk about are mushroom shaped chocolate snacks. They’re Meiji’s “Kinoko no Yama (= Mushroom … READ MORE

Snack Review: Meiji Twinkle chocolate eggs 02.12.10

I was handed these delightful little candies and had to share them with you, as well. They are little chocolate eggs filled with some candy tarts, of the same variety as Smarties. There isn’t much you can say about these … READ MORE

Snack Review – Mini Choco Curl by Meiji 09.10.09

Up for review today are Mini Choco Curls by Meiji. These are an off-shoot of the famous Japanese cheese curl snacks of the same company. The regular cheese curl snacks are much larger than these chocolate ones; I’d equate them … READ MORE

Snack Review: Meiji Tiramisu chocolate candies 08.25.09

Next up for review are these little Tiramisu candy snack things from Meiji. These look like they’re going to be pretty delicious. For some reason they are mushroom-shaped, with some type of cookie-like stem. Each one is individually wrapped, of … READ MORE