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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Announced for Tokyo 10.12.11

Family members of the late Michael Jackson have announced a special tribute concert event set to take place in Tokyo on December 13-14th. This comes after members of Michael’s family have carried out similar events in other countries recently, including … READ MORE

CD Cover Lunch Box 05.31.11

In Japan, there are many people who like to be creative with their bento box. They’ve got books and tutorial videos for everything from animals to anime characters. This one guy in particular, a designer who goes by Obacchi, makes bento … READ MORE

Michael Jackson’s “new” album includes J-Pop cover 12.13.10

Michael Jackson’s album Michael, comprised of a bunch of unfinished songs that were completed after his death in June 2009, will be released this week, just in time for your Holiday shopping. On the track list is MJ’s re-working of … READ MORE

‘Why not’? of the day… 10.05.10

dancingbarberUploaded by wagajpn3. – More video blogs and vloggers. Masakichi is a dancing hairstylist with Michael Jackson moves in his blood. Afraid of decapitation by scissors? Don’t come to this guy. But his customers seem relatively happy with his services, … READ MORE

Michael Jackson flick ‘This is It’ will be released in Japan soon…on a USB stick 01.06.10

For whatever reason, This is It, the film highlighting Michael Jackson’s last rehearsals for the London shows that never happened because of his death on June 25, will be released on January 27 in Japan. As this article on Crunchgear … READ MORE

This Robot dance-off makes me feel inadequate 12.01.09

Watching these robots dance humbles me, since I can neither dance well or design functional robots. These things can dance REALLY WELL for little hunks of metal, and they are functional. I’m jealous. This dance competition was held at Tokyo’s … READ MORE