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The Cultural Differences in Japan’s Mecha and the United State’s Robots 08.17.15

  Next June, robot enthusiasts from around the world will be treated to a spectacle unlike any other: a four meter tall mecha designed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry will face off against Boston-based-firm MegaBots’ Mark II robot in a knock-down, … READ MORE

Toy Robot Made Out of Fujiko F. Fujio’s Characters 06.13.14

Bandai created a Fujiko F. Fujio Chogokin (Superalloy) robot that features some of the most well-known characters in Japan. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Fujiko F. Fujio is the man behind Doraemon, who is most likely the … READ MORE

Nissin Chicken Ramen HIYOBO, The Cute Chick Timer 11.03.13

November marks several anniversaries for Nissin, the company that makes a poor college student’s life much easier. It’s the 55th anniversary of Chicken Ramen, their famous line of instant noodles, 50th anniversary of Nissin Yakisoba, and 45th anniversary of Demae … READ MORE

New Hello Kitty Goods To Celebrate Her 40th Anniversary 11.01.13

The Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary website we told you about at the beginning of October is finally updated! So without further ado, here are (what I thought were) the most exceptional Hello Kitty items. Mitsubishi Mirage – Hello Kitty 40th … READ MORE

DX Model Mazinger Z 06.15.12

To celebrate 40 years of the super robot manga and anime, Mazinger Z, bandai is releasing a fancy deluxe limited edition model. This model is two times bigger than previous ones, which allowed for more detail work. You can remove … READ MORE

Cup Noodle’s 40th Anniversary Robot Timer 10.14.11

Cup Noodle is marking its 40th with a Robot Timer Present Campaign! The three minute robot timer is shaped like an ordinary Cup Noodle, but once you press the lid it transforms into the shape of a robot. It features … READ MORE

Robot with 24 Fingers Washes Hair like a Person 10.09.11

Panasonic has developed a robot that can wash a person’s hair, with the use of 24 robotic fingers that supposedly give it a very lifelike feeling. From Reuters: The customer leans back in what looks like a regular salon chair, over … READ MORE

Miyazakitopia : awesome blocks art 09.14.11

Iain is a super talented American indie artist who makes something awesome. Really awesome. I want a couple of these in my living room. Like these : (photo credits : Ochre Jelly) Make sure to visit his Flickr and check … READ MORE

Paralyzed Japanese man visiting France with the help of a robotic suit 07.06.11

49-year old Seiji Uchida, who was paralyzed in a car accident 28 years ago, will finally be able to take a vacation to France…thanks to the work of the hi-tech wizardry of some of Japan’s leading robot developers. Uchida has … READ MORE

The “hugging robot” may be here soon 06.29.11

Well, it was only a matter of days before our next “something involving robots” post. Researchers from the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo are working on what they call the “Sense-roid”. That is, a torso in a vest that “hugs” … READ MORE

If disaster strikes, make sure you have one of these Transformer houses! 01.19.11

Here’s your daily ‘the Future is Now!’ post. Check out the EDV-01, a very impressive robot-house designed to assist people who encounter disaster situations (earthquakes, comets crashing into Earth, robot attacks, etc.) According to Dvice.com, The EDV-01 is a largely … READ MORE

Say hi to “Emotion Bear”, your new furry robot pal 01.10.11

Fujitsu, a company usually known for computer products, recently showed off its new project, a motion-sensoring robo-bear. But this bear wasn’t really meant to crowd on your child’s nighstand with his or her other stuffed animals. Instead, Fujitsu intends to … READ MORE

Another robot post…this time with acting! 11.17.10

Check out this article from the Daily Mail discussing “Geminoid F”, a robot actress. As the article tells it, Long plays a girl suffering from a fatal illness whose parents hire an android carer and then abandon her. The android, … READ MORE