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Powerpuff Girls Japanese Crossover 02.09.14

Powerpuff Girls Japanese Crossover  The beloved American cartoon series, The Powerpuff Girls, is celebrating their 15th anniversary in Japan and Sega, Pizza Hut, and Cartoon Network Japan are all taking part. Sega will be working with Japanese convenience store chain, … READ MORE

FEATURED Performer: Yukie Dong 07.12.12

Couple weeks ago, KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi had the opportunity to interview “active live anime & vocaloid singer, performer, and lyricist,” Yukie Dong! Perhaps a video of her performance will give you a better idea of what she does. (Yukie is the one … READ MORE

March 9th : MIKU’s Day 02.10.12

  Im pretty sure you all know about MIKU’s DAY, this coming March 9th. Right?  3 is “MI” and 9 is “KU” in japanase so together its “MIKU”! So March 9th is the day of  MIKU!  Concerts, Special Thanks 39’s Party, will … READ MORE

Puyo Puyo Pork Bun 01.29.12

Remember the awesome Japanese Bejewled/Tetris game by Sega called Puyo Puyo? Well, the series is marking its 20th anniversary with the “Puyo Puyo-man (bun): Aka-Puyo (Red Puyo).” Convenience stores in Japan started selling them a week ago, and according to … READ MORE

Google Chrome: Hatsune Miku 12.16.11

I’m sure many of you have seen and enjoyed the awesome Google ads, but have you seen the latest one with Hatsune Miku? It demonstrates well what Google has evolved into. Hatsune Miku is everyone’s virtual singer, in that anyone … READ MORE

SEGA says customers *should* be safe after cyber attack on network 06.22.11

On Sunday, SEGA announced that unidentified hackers were able to invade the servers of the company’s Sega Pass online network and steal the names, birthdates, passwords and email addresses of registered members. Sega announced that credit card/billing information of its … READ MORE

SEGA’s urinal video game is actually a real thing 06.17.11

Back in December, we posted about Toirrettsu, a video game designed for public urinals. Well, as G4 reports, that game is finally going to have its release. That’s right – this is a real video game created by SEGA. Now … READ MORE

Translating Japanese games for Western audiences = bad idea? 05.10.11

Not ALL video games should be dumbed-down for international audiences. If you’re a video game company, for example, and you want to gain an international gaming audience for one of your particular titles, please attempt to do so intelligently. No … READ MORE

Nintendo’s 6 Most Regrettable Decisions 06.01.10

I came across this article on a “fanboy” blog highlighting some of Nintendo‘s biggest mistakes over the years….and we’re talking BIG, like passing on the Playstation, the Virtual Boy console, and, of course, the Game Boy Printer. I don’t want … READ MORE

Playstation 3 is the King, so says Famitsu 03.25.10

Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine, recently conducted a thorough investigation of its own archives in order to rank video game consoles to see which is the “best”. According to this write up from the folks at 1Up, the results of … READ MORE

The Battle for Video Game Industry Domination rages on…. 02.09.10

I found this interesting editorial discussing the battle between the American and Japanese video game industries for ‘domination’ in the video game business. An interesting sound byte from the article: Since nobody in Japan knows how to save their flailing … READ MORE

Japan’s Bayonetta causing quite a stir in the video game world 01.28.10

Currently BLOWING UP the video game world, Bayonetta is a video game created in Japan that is causing quite a ruckus worldwide. The New York Times wrote a nice review of the game, highlighting some of the reasons that gamers … READ MORE